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    1640 Cross Single Built Dry Fly Rod: 8' Cigar: 3/2: 4 1/2 oz. South Bend Bait Company Quality Tackle Single Cross Built 7143: Circa: Condition: Remarks: Donated by:

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    Vintage Bamboo Fly fishing rods and Reels: We are looking for high quality bamboo fly fishing rod collections, large or small. We are paying higher prices for 8 foot ...

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    Welcome to Antique & Classic Fishing Reels. This site is dedicated to the reel collector as well as people who are just interested in finding out more about their old ...

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    Vintage Pflueger Fishing Reels. Ernest F. Pflueger was one of the first inventors of fishing tackle. He was born in Germany and spent numerous years working as a molder.

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    Credit for the invention of the fishing reel belongs to the Chinese, thanks to a description of a fishing reel in a book from the 3rd century. In the United States ...

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    Fishing, fish, fishing rods, fishing reels, learn about fishing rods, learn about fishing reels, learn the types of fishing rods, learn the types of fishing reels,

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    "Fly fishing is my Quisisana (the name is Italian for "place where one heals one's self.") "..... S.L.Giuliani The Value Guide is a series of forums by Maker and the ...

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    Shakespeare Spinning Reels - Shakespeare offers spinning reels to support any level of fisherman

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    Collector looking for Pflueger antique fishing reels? Top 3 Pflueger reels from those early days are the Summit, Akron, and Supreme. Collectors love to have.

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    Antique Lure Books. The Internet Largest Site for Antique Lure Books. Experienced lure collectors know the importance of reading and educating themselves on the ...